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Exercise and fitness should always be designed to fit an individuals needs and lifestyle. Body Kinetics provide a flexible range of fitness services to match your needs. The driving force behind Body Kinetics is Stuart Holt, an experienced Personal Trainer in Reading. Whether you are looking for a personal trainer at a fully equipped gym in Reading, at your home or business premises, or for a generic or personalised fitness plan, we believe we have a solution to fit your needs. 


If you already have access to a gym or exercise facilities we can provide a range of fitness plans from 3 or 5 day plans aimed at specific muscle groups, or broader 6 or 12 week training programmes.  Alternatively we can devise personalised plans covering both fitness and nutrition created to match your exact circumstances and training goals. 


All our plans can be purchased securely online via our payment partner PayPal using a debit card, credit card or PayPal account.


All our plans are co-ordinated by Stuart Holt, a fully qualified and experienced Personal Trainer who is also manager of a Reading gym and a Registered Exercise Professional (REP).


"Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your health and fitness, whether it’s a short term goal, special event, weight loss or a long term lifestyle change, I am motivated to help you reach your personal goals.  I pride myself on keeping up to-date with the latest training methods to maximise your potential, helping you to learn more about yourself and what you can achieve. If you are ready to improve your fitness and lifestyle my targeted fitness and nutrition plans will help or if you are seeking 1 to 1 personal training I look forward to hearing from you".



"Going to the gym was a big step for me. Stuart made the transition of working out from being daunting to being fun and achievable. I started going on my own and sometimes work out with my friends. We do a variety of things such as circuits, weights and boxing. Don’t get me wrong, he makes us work hard and we always leave the session feeling very knackered but feeling accomplished at the same time.

Stuart listens to what I want to achieve and sets realistic goals. He encourages and enables me to carry on and persevere in my journey of living a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. When I struggle and have moments of doubt, he is quick to enlighten. When I feel like giving up, he is ready to give out a challenge and remind me to dig deep.

I used to be out of breath easily. I didn’t have enough energy and strength to keep up with the demands of being a mother and a wife, and I really abhorred going to the gym. All that has changed since training with Stuart. I still have a long way to go but I know I’m on the right track. I will always be thankful to Stuart for his abounding patience, unending encouragement and unshakeable support amidst all the sweat, fun and laughter".

- Karin



"Before contacting Stuart I was at an all time confidence low - I had been very unwell and during my recovery process had gained three and a half stone and my fitness levels were non-existent. The idea of going to the gym and exercising was really daunting and made me nervous just thinking about it - I was in the classic vicious circle of wanting to get fit and healthy but not having the confidence to get down to the gym and do something about it. Plus losing three and a half stone felt like a mammoth task and completely unachievable.I realised that if I wanted to reach my goals I was going to need support, and that is when I contacted Stuart. I knew from the moment I met him that he would be a good fit for what I needed. He broke everything down into manageable goals that I could work to each week and made everything feel way less scary. I have never been a fan of exercise and didn’t think it was ever something I was good at (not helped by my tendency to not stick it out long enough to get good!), but I found that having regular time slots and check points each week really helped me to stick to it and stay on track. Anyone that has done anything like this will tell you it is not a smooth journey and it isn’t always ups, there are definitely a lot of downs too. Stuart always makes me feel so proud of my achievements, but more importantly provided the support and motivation I have needed for the downs.


When you work on yourself, and go through a process like this you have to have complete trust in the person you are working with. I have never once felt embarrassed or unsupported in any of my sessions with Stuart and I can honestly say that I look forward to all of our sessions. I really never thought I would say that about exercise! That’s not to say they are not hard...there have definitely been sessions where I have been pushed to my limits and found stairs difficult in the days following! But Stuart mixes the hard with enough fun that it is never too much. One of the things that I love the most is the boxing - I now even have my own gloves and am at the point where I am happy to be filmed during our sessions - I guess that is indicative of how my confidence has grown and I can now say I have boxing skills!”


I say this in all sincerity, working with Stuart has honestly changed my life. I am now two and a half stone down and getting closer to my target every day. I am also fitter than I have ever been. I couldn’t have asked for more from Stuart throughout this process and also couldn’t have done it without him and his support. If you are feeling the same way I was at the start, or even if you just need a bit of guidance to get you started, then Stuart is your guy".
- Kate



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