What some of our clients have been saying about our training...


“I have been working with Stuart for the last 3 months to help me achieve a personal goal for fitness and weight loss, in preparation for my wedding later this year and to help me kick start my routine and approach to generally improving my health and fitness for the long term. After years of being incredibly overweight and my fitness having completely deteriorated over the years, I was petrified about thought of going to the gym, let alone getting a personal trainer! However with Stuart’s knowledgeable, calm and supportive approach, I slowly but surely have regained my confidence and started enjoying exercise again! Stuart is honest and encouraging, knows when to push me and when to not and I genuinely do not believe I would have got anywhere near to being where I am today without his help. Not only has he helped me in terms of exercise but also with nutrition and helped me change the way I think about food and exercise together!

If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer, bite the bullet and go for it and do not hesitate in making an appointment to see Stuart! Yes, the first week you will think your legs are going to drop off!, but after the initial pain barrier you will not only start feeling great but will start seeing the results! When I first started I could not do a fast walk for more than 20 seconds without being breathless and now I am out jogging, toning and doing cardio that I never thought I would again! I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, in fact life changing I and have not regretted it for one second!

Thanks again for all your help Stuart.”



“Before contacting Stuart I was at an all time confidence low - I had been very unwell and during my recovery process had gained three and a half stone and my fitness levels were non-existent. The idea of going to the gym and exercising was really daunting and made me nervous just thinking about it - I was in the classic vicious circle of wanting to get fit and healthy but not having the confidence to get down to the gym and do something about it. Plus losing three and a half stone felt like a mammoth task and completely unachievable.I realised that if I wanted to reach my goals I was going to need support, and that is when I contacted Stuart. I knew from the moment I met him that he would be a good fit for what I needed. He broke everything down into manageable goals that I could work to each week and made everything feel way less scary. I have never been a fan of exercise and didn’t think it was ever something I was good at (not helped by my tendency to not stick it out long enough to get good!), but I found that having regular time slots and check points each week really helped me to stick to it and stay on track. Anyone that has done anything like this will tell you it is not a smooth journey and it isn’t always ups, there are definitely a lot of downs too. Stuart always makes me feel so proud of my achievements, but more importantly provided the support and motivation I have needed for the downs.

When you work on yourself, and go through a process like this you have to have complete trust in the person you are working with. I have never once felt embarrassed or unsupported in any of my sessions with Stuart and I can honestly say that I look forward to all of our sessions. I really never thought I would say that about exercise! That’s not to say they are not hard...there have definitely been sessions where I have been pushed to my limits and found stairs difficult in the days following! But Stuart mixes the hard with enough fun that it is never too much. One of the things that I love the most is the boxing - I now even have my own gloves and am at the point where I am happy to be filmed during our sessions - I guess that is indicative of how my confidence has grown and I can now say I have boxing skills!”

I say this in all sincerity, working with Stuart has honestly changed my life. I am now two and a half stone down and getting closer to my target every day. I am also fitter than I have ever been. I couldn’t have asked for more from Stuart throughout this process and also couldn’t have done it without him and his support. If you are feeling the same way I was at the start, or even if you just need a bit of guidance to get you started, then Stuart is your guy.”



“Not going to lie the first time I walked into the gym to meet Stuart I was absolutely bricking it but I can honestly say it's one of the best things I've ever done. I hadn't exercised for years and felt extremely embarrassed about the size I had gotten and how unfit I was. There was no need for the nerves as Stuart put me at ease straight away and congratulated me on taking my first step, which is definitely the hardest. We talked through my goals and how he could help me achieve them. Ten minutes into my first hour session I thought I was going to pass out, but Stuart was amazingly supportive throughout giving me the much needed words of encouragement and assuring me that it will get easier and that in a few weeks time I will be laughing at this first session and doing the exercises with ease.

Stuart gave me great advice about what I should be eating and was brilliant at fitting sessions around my busy family life. The inches and pounds started to come off, I had so much more energy and to my surprise I really began to enjoy exercising, well maybe not the mountain climbers!  


Every session has been completely different and I've learnt a lot about excercise and how to reach my goals. I'm three stone lighter, soooooo much fitter and feeling much better about myself, none of which would have been possible without the support and guidance from Stuart.

I honestly cannot recommend Stuart highly enough. Ps He was right about looking back at that first session and laughing!”

Annette Degras

"David and I have been training with Stuart for almost 2 years now.  We are  both  Ballroom and Latin dancers and we initially approached Stuart with a need to increase our fitness  to enhance our performers as dancers.  From the beginning Stuart took our needs into consideration, introduced a monthly weighing and measuring routine, and has progressively increased our and stamina and endurance. Our weekly workouts are a mixture of different techniques, we never repeat the same procedure, with exercises for all parts of the body.  Stuart is a friendly, and committed trainer, who gives  100% to providing the best service, we would definitely recommend him". 


“Having trained with Stuart for some time I realise how beneficial it was to start having a personal trainer...not only for the exercise but for health, fitness and learning how to eat right too! I can remember first going into the gym and having our first session and saying to him "everyone's looking at me!" To which he replied "no they' are'nt, they are focusing on themselves like you should be".

Having Stuart as a personal trainer is great...he is so supportive, calm and knows when he needs to be Sergeant Major! This has happened on many occassions due to saying 'I can't do this' - when I clearly can. Training with Stuart can be intense at times but great fun - you will definitely work up a sweat! We have a lot of different things we train on from circuits to weights to boxing amongst other things.

Stuart is full of knowledge that he is keen to share, for example helping with food plans and exercise regimes. I can honestly say if anyone is wanting to lose weight, gain knowledge about nutrition or just enjoy going to the gym Stuart is your guy! With Stuart's help 2016 is my year to change my fitness and lifestyle with eating! It's not a diet!”



“When I first met Stuart it was during his gym classes, I really enjoyed going to them and it was all ways a laugh. Stuart made me feel comfortable and I started to talk to him about what I enjoyed doing at the gym and where I wanted to get to.

We started training and it was very hard but Stuart pushed me to get me through the workouts. I have been training with him for a while now and not only is he my Personal Trainer he has become a very good friend in the process. He handles all my moods that I have and deals with all the stuff I come out with, he explained to me all the supplements I should be taking and what they all do.

I am now pregnant with my first child and he is now training with me and showing me how to train without hurting myself or my baby. To be fair I could not be happier to be training with Stuart and would not change it. So thank you Stuart I appreciate everything you do for me.”



"Going to the gym was a big step for me. Stuart made the transition of working out from being daunting to being fun and achievable. I started going on my own and sometimes work out with my friends. We do a variety of things such as circuits, weights and boxing. Don’t get me wrong, he makes us work hard and we always leave the session feeling very knackered but feeling accomplished at the same time.

Stuart listens to what I want to achieve and sets realistic goals. He encourages and enables me to carry on and persevere in my journey of living a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. When I struggle and have moments of doubt, he is quick to enlighten. When I feel like giving up, he is ready to give out a challenge and remind me to dig deep.

I used to be out of breath easily. I didn’t have enough energy and strength to keep up with the demands of being a mother and a wife, and I really abhorred going to the gym. All that has changed since training with Stuart. I still have a long way to go but I know I’m on the right track. I will always be thankful to Stuart for his abounding patience, unending encouragement and unshakeable support amidst all the sweat, fun and laughter.



"I have always been someone who has tried to keep in shape and spend a lot of time in the Gym; working out at least 5 times a week. I always felt that I was in shape, just never quite at a point where I was satisfied with the way I felt about my Body. I had always watched what I eat, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to budge those stubborn “love handles” which seem to form around the waist, and all the other places you don’t want them to. I tried the usual steps of trying to exercise them away, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to budge them.

I worked out my own Basal Metabolic Rate and took to keeping a food diary for everything that I ate. I started cutting back on the calories and creating a deficit and attempted to cut almost all Carbs from my diet. Initially it looked like this was helping, but it didn’t last. Energy levels dropped like a stone, and I didn’t see any visible improvements. I got into a vicious cycle of making the deficit larger to see more difference, being hungry all the time, having no energy, then going on a binge, which makes you feel bad, which leads to you cutting more carbs and trying for a bigger deficit.

Burning 1000 extra Kcals per day between the Gym, and the cardio sessions I was doing, along with a Basal Metabolic rate of 1880 Kcal, yet only eating 1700 Kcal, left me at completely frustrated at the lack of any results. Finally, I found Body Kinetics and Stuart in particular. He worked out an eating plan for me that worked wonders. I was able to shed body fat from 22% down to 8.5% as well as increase lean muscle mass. The bottom line, I was undereating and cutting all the wrong things, Carbs being essential to the diet. I was just eating them all at the wrong time. Stuart has been a pleasure to work with and I certainly recommend him to anyone unreservedly. I certainly plan to continue using him in the future."