Personalised Plans

Thank you for your interest in our Personalised Training or Nutrition-plan packages.

Getting a fully personalised plan will give you a course to work to which is directly linked to you and your goals. This will be unique to you and based on an initial questionnaire which you will able to download and from there I will then create your own personalised plan which will be emailed to you.

The Training plans are available for 6, 8 or 10 week periods and the Nutrition plan works over a 10 week period.

The Training plans are based on exercises using standard gym equipment so you will need access to a gym or gym equipment to complete.

You will be able to contact me by email for support during the period of the plan or if you have any follow up questions or advice.   



This 6 week Personalised Training plan will give y..
This 8 week Personalised Training Plan will give y..
This 10 week Personalised Training Plan will give ..
This 10 week Personalised Nutrition Plan will use ..
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