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Boxing Fitness Classes For All Levels - Smaller Groups For Greater Results!

We have developed a system of fitness classes that combine the elements of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with techniques used by professional boxers to improve your fitness, strength, overall condition and quality of life, whatever your starting point. Our classes are grouped into fixed length courses over a number of weeks so you can learn and improve over a structured format that helps you quickly grasp and develope your new skills and fitness routines. The boxing training is complimented by HIIT using stations presenting up to 70 different carefully chosen fitness routines.

All you need is some gym wear and a commitment to improve yourself - we do the rest!

Whether you have never wrapped your hands or put on gloves before we will have a course suited to you, with an emphasis on learning boxing techniques whilst improving fitness and wellbeing - as well as having fun in a friendly, supportive group! We provide all the equipment you need but of course, if you have some experience or trained with us before and have your own that's fine. All you need is some suitable gym wear and a commitment to want to improve yourself and we do the rest!

Fitness classes Reading   Fitness classes Reading   Fitness classes Reading

What you can expect...

Unlike some 'box-fit' classes you may have already taken we do not ask you to hold mitts for other members of the class - we recognise you are not on our course to hold mitts for others and may be working at a different level to others - we hold the mitts for you. Likewise we do not have large numbers of participants at each class - we limit places, usually to 12 with two trainers, so we can maximise your involvement and ensure full learning and fitness potential. Our classes are all led by Stuart Holt.


Our ROUNDS format is a high energy class delivered over weekly one hour sessions, normally over an 6 week course, to allow a progressive structure to your learning and fitness. Each session has no more than 12 likeminded people who are all there to learn and develop the basics of throwing punches and boxing footwork. This is delivered alongside conditioning exercises to build a good base of skills and fitness.


'The Swarmer' is a boxing expression for a fighter who attempts to overwhelm his opponent by applying constant pressure so these courses are for those ready to take their boxing fitness to the next level! Each SWARMER class is a high energy session using a wider, more advanced variety of boxing techniques alongside full body functional movements to rapidly develop and increase your skills while giving you the ultimate workout! Delivered over weekly one hour sessions, normally over an 6 week course, provides a progression to your learning and fitness. Each session has no more than 12 attendees and each must previously have attended a BK:ROUNDS course to already understand the basic moves.



To find out more about our classes contact Stuart on 07540 809478 or

"It's been amazing finding a form of fitness that I look forward to each week. It works me hard, but I enjoy every bit. It's made even better by how much Stuart genuinely cares about each and every person who attends his sessions and takes real joy out of seeing people grow in their fitness journey."


Our latest classes can be seen on the right. To find out more about any future classes you can subscribe to our training information and course update emails on ths page or to register your interest contact Stuart on 07540 809478 or

Details to be announced

As our current courses both finished in July we will be organising our next 6 week block classes after the summer break. We will be posting details nearer the time. Thank you to all those that took part and I hope to see many of you again soon.

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No previous experience is necessary on our BKBXING:Rounds classes, just a desire to learn and work to your best ability. All necessary equipment provided.
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