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Body Kinetics - Complete Fitness, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning Personal Training

Looking for a personal trainer in the Reading area? Welcome To Body Kinetics - the home of BKBXING - boxing without getting hit! Your route to complete fitness, strength & conditioning, weight loss or gain, and a better, healthier lifestyle using routines developed from the world of boxing.

Exercise and fitness should always be designed to fit to your unique needs and lifestyle. Stuart Holt is the driving force behind Body Kinetics, an experienced Personal Trainer in Reading, who has developed his techniques based around training used in Boxing, built up through experience as both a Hatton Elite and Box n Burn Academy Instructor and as a National Academy of Sports Medicine MMA conditioning specialist. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness addict looking for a personal trainer to take you to the next level, either within a fully equipped gym in Reading, or provided at your home or business premises, Body Kinetics can provide a flexible range of fitness services to match your needs. Our Personal training can be provided on a 1 to 1 basis, in small groups or larger classes.

"In addition to face to face personal training, if you already have access to a gym or exercise facilities I can provide a range of fitness plans which can be purchased securely online for immediate download and used to enhance your existing fitness routines. Ranging from 3 or 5 day plans aimed at specific muscle groups, or broader 6 or 12 week training programmes. Alternatively I can devise personalised plans covering both fitness and nutrition created to match your exact circumstances and training goals". Visit our online store for details of our Training and Nutrition plans.

"Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your health and fitness, whether it’s a short term goal, special event, weight loss or a long term lifestyle change, I am motivated to help you reach your personal goals. I pride myself on keeping up to-date with the latest training methods to maximise your potential, helping you to learn more about yourself and what you can achieve. If you are ready to improve your fitness and lifestyle and are seeking 1 to 1 or group personal training I look forward to hearing from you. Alternatively my targeted fitness and nutrition plans, available for download, will help you improve your workouts and overall fitness."


Are you ready to take your fitness to the ultimate level? Seeking help & support to transform to a more healthy and fitter lifestyle? Or looking for long term weight loss, improved fitness & conditioning? Contact Stuart today on 07540 809478 for a free confidential assessment and trial.


Box Fitness Personal Training


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Case Studies & Testimonials

A Proud Reputation For Success

"Whatever your level, ability, age, or reason for wanting to improve your health and fitness I am motivated to help you reach your personal goals. Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don't be afraid to take the first step!" - Stuart Holt, Body Kinetics.

Personal Training

I am an experienced personal trainer based in Reading. I specialise in using Boxing fitness, strength & conditioning methods and using proven and tested methods I create enjoyable workouts to suit your exact needs and lifestyle.

Training & Nutrition Plans

If your interest is in my personal training fitness and nutrition plans - its all about us working together to focus on you and your goals. All my plans can be purchased securely online via PayPal using a debit card, credit card or PayPal account.

Qualifications include...

Level 2 Gym Instructor, Spin Instructor, Kettle Bells Instructor, TRX Suspension trainer, Certificate in Circuit Training, Weight Management, Certificate in Core Training & Torso, GP & Exercise Referral, Metapwr coach, Certified Armageddon Trainer.

Advanced qualifications...

Level 3 Advanced Personal trainer, Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach, Elite HATTON ABC Boxing for fitness, Metafit Coach, Les Mills Grit Coach, Box 'n' Burn Level 2 coach, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) MMA conditioning specialist, Nutrition for Sport and Exercise.


Read how Body Kinetics have helped improve clients fitness & conditioning...

" Going to the gym was a big step for me. Stuart made the transition of working out from being daunting to being fun and achievable. I started going on my own and sometimes work out with my friends. We do a variety of things such as circuits, weights and boxing. Don’t get me wrong, he makes us work hard and we always leave the session feeling very knackered but feeling accomplished at the same time. Stuart listens to what I want to achieve and sets realistic goals. He encourages and enables me to carry on and persevere in my journey of living a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. When I struggle and have moments of doubt, he is quick to enlighten. When I feel like giving up, he is ready to give out a challenge and remind me to dig deep.

I used to be out of breath easily. I didn’t have enough energy and strength to keep up with the demands of being a mother and a wife, and I really abhorred going to the gym. All that has changed since training with Stuart. I still have a long way to go but I know I’m on the right track. I will always be thankful to Stuart for his abounding patience, unending encouragement and unshakeable support amidst all the sweat, fun and laughter."

" I have been working with Stuart for the 3 months now to help me achieve a personal goal for fitness and weight loss, in preparation for my wedding later this year and to help me kick start my routine and approach to generally improving my health and fitness for the long term. After years of being incredibly overweight and my fitness having completely deteriorated over the years, I was petrified about thought of going to the gym, let alone getting a personal trainer! However with Stuart’s knowledgeable, calm and supportive approach, I slowly but surely have regained my confidence and started enjoying exercise again! Stuart is honest and encouraging, knows when to push me and when to not and I genuinely do not believe I would have got anywhere near to being where I am today without his help. Not only has he helped me in terms of exercise but also with nutrition and helped me change the way I think about food and exercise together!

If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer, bite the bullet and go for it and do not hesitate in making an appointment to see Stuart! Yes, the first week you will think your legs are going to drop off!, but after the initial pain barrier you will not only start feeling great but will start seeing the results! When I first started I could not do a fast walk for more than 20 seconds without being breathless and now I am out jogging, toning and doing cardio that I never thought I would again! I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, in fact life changing I and have not regretted it for one second!"

" I have always been someone who has tried to keep in shape and spend a lot of time in the Gym; working out at least 5 times a week. I always felt that I was in shape, just never quite at a point where I was satisfied with the way I felt about my Body. I had always watched what I eat, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to budge those stubborn “love handles” which seem to form around the waist, and all the other places you don’t want them to. I tried the usual steps of trying to exercise them away, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to budge them.

I worked out my own Basal Metabolic Rate and took to keeping a food diary for everything that I ate. I started cutting back on the calories and creating a deficit and attempted to cut almost all Carbs from my diet. Initially it looked like this was helping, but it didn’t last. Energy levels dropped like a stone, and I didn’t see any visible improvements. I got into a vicious cycle of making the deficit larger to see more difference, being hungry all the time, having no energy, then going on a binge, which makes you feel bad, which leads to you cutting more carbs and trying for a bigger deficit.

Burning 1000 extra Kcals per day between the Gym, and the cardio sessions I was doing, along with a Basal Metabolic rate of 1880 Kcal, yet only eating 1700 Kcal, left me at completely frustrated at the lack of any results. Finally, I found Body Kinetics and Stuart in particular. He worked out an eating plan for me that worked wonders. I was able to shed body fat from 22% down to 8.5% as well as increase lean muscle mass. The bottom line, I was undereating and cutting all the wrong things, Carbs being essential to the diet. I was just eating them all at the wrong time. Stuart has been a pleasure to work with and I certainly recommend him to anyone unreservedly. I certainly plan to continue using him in the future. "